Welcome to advent.cn , this is a blog website for recording learning notes

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I have recorded a lot of notes about my learning process here and will keep updating , I believe you can learn a lot about Java back-end development here.

This is a beautiful set of rotation pictures

The Anchor Bootstrap UI is adopted and improved from the open source template , and the whole website is the same.

Labor through the body , learning through the soul. -- Smith
To live is to learn , to learn is not to live. -- Bacon
Learn to be good at thinking , thinking , thinking , thinking , thinking , thinking , thinking , thinking. -- Einstein
The right way is to take what you have done , and then go straight on. -- Lev Tolstoy
Learn a lot of tricks , that is , all of a sudden not to learn a lot of. -- Rock

I will run I will climb I will soar , I'm undefeated. Jumping out of my skin put the chord , Yeah I believe it. The past is everything we were don't make us who we are , So I'll dream until I make it real and all I see is starts. It's not until you fall that you fly. When your dreams come alive you're unstoppable , Take a shot chase the sun find the beautiful. We will glow in the dark turning dust to gold , And we'll dream it possible , Possible! — Andy Love , Delacey

Here are some famous English sayings about learning that I like very much , and a very inspirational English song Dream it possible.

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